Greater Pasco Youth Symphony, Inc.

audition requirements

Below you will find a list of audition requirements to consider before scheduling an audition time for your student. We want to prevent as many dissapointments as possible for students who are not yet at the ability level to join the orchestra. We want this experience to be encouraging and uplifting for each and every one. We believe that music should be an awarding experience, one that will promote a life-long love for music and create lasting memories.

1. Student should be in grades 5th-12th

2. Student should have at least one full year of study in their instrument, preferably two full years or more.

3. Student should be currently receiving private lessons or its equivilent on a regular basis and have the time commitment available to practice their orchestra pieces at home.

4. Student should have the ability to sight read music; this ability will be key in successfully being able to play along with the other orchestra members.

5. Parents and students alike should be able to committ to the weekly rehearsals and scheduled performance dates.

6. Parents and students alike should be in a position to be able to meet the monthly financial requirements to join.

7. Students should come to the audition prepared to play a piece of their choosing that they bring, two scales and arpeggios of their choosing, and be prepared to follow a sight reading sheet we will provide at the time of audition.

If the above requirements have been met, we encourage you to Contact Us and Submit your information form and we will be in touch with you to schedule your student's audition! We look forward to meeting you!